The fascinating world of Commercial Kitchen Equipment:
Facts you didn't know

Welcome to the epicenter of all things culinary – the commercial kitchen! At first glance, you might see a seamless array of stainless steel, humming machines, and the rhythmic dance of chefs. But beneath this mechanical ballet, there’s a world teeming with innovation, history, and some truly intriguing tidbits. Let’s dive into the mesmerizing universe of some of our top-selling products.

  1. Undercounter Fridges:
    The Unsung Hero: A ubiquitous feature in commercial kitchens, undercounter fridges were originally designed to cater to military needs during World War II. Their compact design was meant to maximize storage in constrained spaces of war vessels. Eco-Friendly Warriors: Modern undercounter fridges use hydrocarbon refrigerants, which have minimal environmental impact compared to traditional coolants.

  2. Sandwich and Pizza Prep Counters:
    Inception in Italy: While sandwiches and pizzas have ancient roots, the concept of specialized counters originated in Italy in the 18th century. Initially, they were simple wooden tables; now, they’ve evolved into intricate, multifunctional units. Temperature Precision: Today’s counters maintain temperature variances within ±1°F, ensuring ingredients stay fresh and safe.

  3. Saladette Counters:
    Origin of the Name: The term “saladette” has French roots, alluding to a ‘small, elegant salad’. It reflects the counter’s purpose: crafting delicate salads with finesse. Hidden Coolants: Beneath their sleek exterior, saladette counters use forced-air systems, ensuring each compartment gets uniform cooling.

  4. Ice Makers & Ice Cube Machines:
    From Luxury to Necessity: In the 1800s, ice was a luxury item in the U.S. With the advent of commercial ice makers in the 1900s, ice transitioned from a status symbol to a kitchen staple. Perfect Cubes: The clearest ice cubes are made by circulating water continuously during the freezing process, removing trapped gases and impurities.

  5. Ice Cream Displays:
    Historical Showcases: Ice cream dates back to ancient China, but the first patented display freezer was introduced in the U.S in 1945, revolutionizing the way we showcase this dessert. Humidity Control: Modern displays maintain relative humidity below 60% to prevent ice crystals, ensuring the ice cream stays creamy and delicious.

  6. Chef Bases & Blast Chillers:
    From Japan with Love: The concept of rapid chilling, foundational to blast chillers, originated in Japan in the 1970s. It was initially a technique to preserve fish. Engineered for Excellence: Chef bases are constructed with reinforced steel, enabling them to support heavy equipment while maintaining a cooler temperature below.

  7. Cake Display Fridges:
    A Display of Art: The first cake display fridge was invented in the early 20th century, giving birth to the idea of cakes as not just edibles but visual delights. UV Protection: High-end cake displays come with UV tinted glass, ensuring that sunlight doesn’t degrade the quality of delicate pastries.

Every piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen tells a story, brimming with history, innovation, and a touch of magic. So, next time you see that glistening undercounter fridge or the sophisticated pizza prep counter, remember, they’re not just tools. They’re masterpieces of design and engineering, underpinning the culinary wonders that chefs craft every day.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef, an entrepreneur, or a culinary enthusiast, there’s always something new to learn in the fascinating world of kitchen equipment. Dive in, explore, and let your culinary journey be as rich in knowledge as it is in flavor!

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