Ice Cream Display ICD-14K

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  • Pan number and type: 14 Napoli pans
  • Temperature range: -7.6 to 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Input power (W): 850
  • Ventilated cooling
  • Accepts Napoli pans
  • Automatic defrost
  • Rear sliding glass doors
  • Coated steel base finish
  • Flat anti-mist glass
  • Digital controller and temperature display
  • LED interior light with switch


Ice Cream Display ICD-14K: The Ultimate Dessert Showcase

When ice cream is more than just a dessert but a centerpiece of delight, its presentation becomes paramount. Our Ice Cream Display ICD-14K is your go-to choice for turning ordinary scoops into extraordinary experiences.


Features of Ice Cream Display ICD-14K:

  1. Crystal-Clear Views: The high-clarity glass front of the ICD-14K beautifully highlights the vibrant colors and textures of your ice cream varieties, captivating customer attention.
  2. Consistent Cooling: Leveraging top-notch cooling mechanisms, this display ensures each ice cream batch remains at its optimal creamy consistency.
  3. Eco-Friendly Operation: Engineered with green practices in mind, it offers efficient cooling while being energy-conscious.
  4. Spacious Design: The tiered shelving of the ICD-14K accommodates a wide range of flavors, making it ideal for diverse dessert menus.
  5. Sanitary Focus: Its design ensures a clean environment, reducing chances of contamination and upholding food safety standards.


Specifications of the Ice Cream Display ICD-14K:

  • Sleek Dimensions: Thoughtfully sized to integrate effortlessly into various setups, from boutique dessert outlets to bustling parlors.
  • Illuminating LED: The eco-friendly LED lighting accentuates the visual appeal of each ice cream container, making selections irresistible.
  • Easy-Access Trays: Designed for convenience, the slide-out trays make serving and replenishing stocks straightforward.
  • Intuitive Control Panel: Temperature management is simple and efficient with user-friendly settings.


Warranty Info:

Every purchase of the Ice Cream Display ICD-14K is backed by an extensive warranty. We stand firmly behind the quality and longevity of our product. For a detailed breakdown of warranty specifics, please refer to our warranty page accessible at the bottom of our Home page.


Why Opt for the Ice Cream Display ICD-14K?

  1. Visually Appealing: The ICD-14K transforms simple ice cream tubs into an enticing visual feast.
  2. Built to Last: Premium-grade materials ensure the display’s durability and consistent performance.
  3. Customer Engagement: Its design not only showcases but actively engages and invites patrons to indulge.
  4. Support Excellence: Our dedicated support team is always available, ensuring any query or requirement is addressed promptly.
  5. Industry Endorsement: Many leading ice cream brands and parlors vouch for its functionality and appeal.

Elevate your ice cream offerings with the Ice Cream Display ICD-14K. Because in the world of desserts, presentation is as critical as flavor.

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Weight 189 kg
Dimensions 1070 × 1370 × 1250 cm

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