Cake Display Flat WZ-7R

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  • Stainless steel base construction
  • LED light under each shelf
  • Three glazed glass / front anti mist
  • Rear glass sliding doors
  • Ventilated cooling
  • 2 shelves + base for cooling
  • Flat glass top / front
  • Length width height: 71x25x47
  • Net Volume: 127 gallons
  • Input power (W): 450
  • Climate class: 4


Cake Display Flat WZ-7R: Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

In the culinary world, the first impression is often the lasting one. With the Cake Display Flat WZ-7R, we bring to you a platform that ensures your creations make an everlasting impression.


Features of the Cake Display Flat WZ-7R:

  1. Panoramic View: The WZ-7R’s crystal clear glass casing ensures that your desserts captivate onlookers from every angle, making it irresistible.
  2. Precision Cooling: With advanced thermoregulation technology, the WZ-7R guarantees a consistent temperature throughout, ensuring freshness and flavor integrity.
  3. Strategic LED Lighting: Illuminate your creations in the perfect light, enhancing their visual appeal and making them stand out, no matter the ambient lighting conditions.
  4. Space-Savvy Design: Despite its spacious interiors, the WZ-7R’s sleek design ensures it occupies minimal space, making it a fit for various dining setups.
  5. Easy Clean-Up: The combination of glass and stainless steel not only adds to the elegance but also ensures ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Specifications of the Cake Display Flat WZ-7R:

  • Dimensions: Spaciously designed to accommodate a diverse range of desserts without compromising on display aesthetics.
  • Material: Premium-quality glass complemented by a stainless steel frame ensures durability and a touch of sophistication.
  • Flexible Shelving System: Catering to desserts of different heights and structures, the adjustable shelving system provides flexibility and ease.
  • Temperature Spectrum: Features adjustable temperature settings to accommodate the diverse needs of different desserts.


Warranty Info:

Each Cake Display Flat WZ-7R comes with a comprehensive warranty, underscoring our faith in the product and our unwavering commitment to customer contentment. To understand the specifics, please visit our warranty page located at the bottom of the Home page.


Why Opt for the Cake Display Flat WZ-7R?

  1. Design Excellence: Every facet of the WZ-7R is crafted with precision, ensuring your desserts are displayed in unmatched elegance.
  2. User-Centric Features: The adjustable shelving, impeccable lighting, and efficient cooling system are tailored to provide the best user experience.
  3. Business Amplification: Enhance your dessert sales as the WZ-7R entices customers with its exquisite display prowess.
  4. Reliable Support: Our dedicated team is at your beck and call, ensuring all your queries and concerns regarding the WZ-7R are addressed promptly.
  5. Industry Acknowledgment: Esteemed chefs and pastry specialists recognize and advocate the unparalleled performance and aesthetics of the WZ-7R.

With the Cake Display Flat WZ-7R, you’re not just investing in a showcase; you’re elevating your brand’s presentation. Let every dessert you curate shine in its full glory, drawing patrons in with its allure. Choose the WZ-7R for a seamless blend of functionality and flair.

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