Cake Display Flat WZ-6R

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  • Stainless steel base construction
  • LED light under each shelf
  • Three glazed glass / front anti mist
  • Rear glass sliding doors
  • Ventilated cooling
  • 2 shelves + base for cooling
  • Flat glass top / front
  • Length width height: 59x26x47
  • Net Volume: 100 gallons
  • Input power (W): 450
  • Climate class: 4


Cake Display Flat WZ-6R: Showcasing Dessert Perfection

Desserts are more than just taste; they’re a visual delight, an embodiment of artistry. With the Cake Display Flat WZ-6R, ensure every sweet creation is showcased in its most elegant and appetizing form.


Features of the Cake Display Flat WZ-6R:

  1. Stunning Visual Appeal: The WZ-6R’s transparent glass design provides an unobstructed view, turning each dessert into a visual centerpiece.
  2. Consistent Cooling Technology: Integrated with state-of-the-art cooling mechanisms, the WZ-6R offers uniform temperature distribution, preserving freshness and extending shelf life.
  3. Optimal LED Illumination: Carefully positioned lighting accentuates the beauty of your cakes and pastries, making them irresistible to patrons.
  4. Space-Efficient Layout: While designed to showcase a wide array of desserts, the WZ-6R is crafted to fit seamlessly even in compact spaces.
  5. Maintenance Made Simple: The combination of high-grade glass and stainless steel not only exudes class but ensures ease of cleaning and long-term durability.


Specifications of the Cake Display Flat WZ-6R:

  • Dimensions: Meticulously designed to maximize display area while keeping a sleek profile.
  • Material: A blend of premium-quality glass and polished stainless steel, marrying durability with aesthetic brilliance.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Customizable shelving offers flexibility to display desserts of varying sizes.
  • Temperature Control: Advanced settings allow for precise temperature modulation suited for a diverse dessert range.


Warranty Info:

Each Cake Display Flat WZ-6R is backed by our robust warranty. This testament of trust reflects our confidence in the product and our commitment to client satisfaction. For detailed terms, kindly refer to our warranty page accessible at the bottom of the Home page.


Why Trust the Cake Display Flat WZ-6R?

  1. Design Prowess: Every element of the WZ-6R is designed with finesse, ensuring your desserts are always the stars.
  2. Feature-Rich: From impeccable lighting to efficient cooling, every feature caters to the demands of modern dessert display.
  3. Sales Catalyst: A beautiful display like the WZ-6R can significantly enhance dessert sales by drawing and captivating customer attention.
  4. Stellar Support: Our dedicated customer support team ensures your WZ-6R-related queries and concerns are addressed swiftly and satisfactorily.
  5. Renowned Credibility: Esteemed pastry chefs and bakers vouch for the superior performance and aesthetic of the WZ-6R.

The Cake Display Flat WZ-6R isn’t just a display case; it’s an invitation to a world of delectable beauty. Let your desserts shine and beckon with the allure they truly deserve. Choose WZ-6R, where every cake is a centerpiece.

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