Cake Display Flat L SK-5R

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  • Stainless steel base construction
  • LED light under each shelf
  • Three glazed glass / front anti mist
  • Rear glass sliding doors
  • Ventilated cooling
  • 1 shelves + base for cooling
  • L glass shape
  • Net volume: 250 Gallons
  • Input power (W): 950
  • Climate class: 4
  • Dimensions:19.685 inches × 27.559 inches × 45.276 inches


Cake Display Flat L SK-5R: Elevate Your Dessert Presentation

Every pastry chef knows that the presentation of a dessert is just as crucial as its taste. With the Cake Display Flat L SK-5R, you get a perfect blend of visual appeal and functionality, ensuring that your cakes don’t just taste delightful, but also look irresistible.


Features of the Cake Display Flat L SK-5R:

  1. Optimal Visibility: Designed with a transparent, full-view glass structure, the SK-5R ensures that your customers get an unobstructed view of the desserts, enticing them further.
  2. Uniform Temperature Control: Equipped with an advanced cooling system, the SK-5R maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring that the desserts retain their freshness, flavor, and texture.
  3. LED Illumination: The strategically placed LED lights accentuate the appearance of the cakes, highlighting their intricate details and colors.
  4. Space-Efficient Design: While offering ample storage capacity for multiple cakes, the SK-5R is compact enough to fit in varied setups, from cafes to upscale restaurants.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The stainless steel base is not just durable but also easy to clean, ensuring hygienic display conditions for the desserts.


Specifications of the Cake Display Flat L SK-5R:

  • Dimensions: Crafted to accommodate multiple cakes while ensuring optimal space utilization.
  • Material: The blend of high-grade glass and stainless steel gives the SK-5R its durability and chic appearance.
  • Adjustable Shelving: Offers flexibility in the arrangement, ensuring that both tall and short cakes can be displayed effortlessly.
  • Temperature Range: Customizable settings to cater to the specific requirements of different dessert items.


Warranty Info:

With every purchase of the Cake Display Flat L SK-5R, customers receive an extensive warranty. This speaks volumes about our trust in the product and our focus on ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. The specific terms and conditions of the warranty can be found on our warranty page, accessible at the bottom of the Home page.


Why Choose the Cake Display Flat L SK-5R?

  1. Attention to Detail: The SK-5R is a product of meticulous design and engineering, ensuring that your cakes are showcased in the best light.
  2. Customer-Centric Features: From adjustable shelves to efficient lighting, every aspect of the SK-5R is designed keeping the end-user in mind.
  3. High Return on Investment: In addition to its competitive price, the SK-5R can boost sales by enhancing the visual appeal of your dessert section.
  4. Unmatched Support: Our dedicated team is always on standby to address any queries or concerns you might have regarding the SK-5R.
  5. Endorsement by Professionals: Top pastry chefs and bakeries vouch for the reliability and efficiency of the SK-5R.

The Cake Display Flat L SK-5R is not just a piece of equipment; it’s an investment in your brand. Ensure that every cake you craft gets the attention it deserves. Choose the SK-5R for a touch of elegance and efficiency.

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